Monthly Archives: May 2013

Getting our dye on for bass traps

We are going to build 6 600x1200x70mm broadband absorbers that we can hang in either the dead room or the live room, depending on where we need treatment. Since we couldn’t get the colour we wanted though we thought we would try dying some raw cotton. Hope it works and that it doesn’t kill my washing machine :)




New Desk

Here’s our new desk in progress, photo is a few days old as I’ve had a mother of a throat infection that has kept me in bed for a couple of days. Back at her tomorrow to finish the construction.

Eventually there will be two raised angled rack units – one in the centre for the Apollo and the octopre, and one off to the right for the patch bay. Can’t wait to see the finished thing.


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Got our power on over the weekend so we are all lit up! Finishing up the paint work tomorrow and building the desk on Tuesday. That just leaves one pane of glass to be fitted and our patchbay to be wired up, and we’re up and running…

…except for some painting. It never ends, the painting!

EMT 140 Plate reverb

Just installed the EMT 140 for our Apollo – gorgeous, gorgeous reverb. They actually have one of the real things sitting in the corridor outside Studio 1 in Windmill Lane, be interesting to compare em sometime :-)