Monthly Archives: June 2013

Solder up

Spent last night unsoldering looms from this switchcraft patchbay, which was a royal pain in the arse. At least we have a clean slate to begin rewiring, and we can do it a step at a time.


Treat me right…

Delighted with the effect of our room treatments, stereo imaging is top notch now, diffusers at the rear of the room (not shown) really cleaning things up too. Couple of bass traps and we are done. New Nick Cave album and some Death Cab for testing purposes :)


Avril Whelehan acoustic loveliness

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Had Avril down this week, a chance for me to capture her sound as accurately as I can – we both like Laura Marling’s folky old-school sound on “Maid by Maid” from “I Speak Because I Can” – it’s super dry, sounded silky smooth like it might have ben recorded with a ribbon mic so I fired up one of my Oktavas to see what it would be like. After some work finding the right pre (SPL sounded nicest) we settled on a combination of it and the DPA for a more modern, “that’s what it sounds like” vibe. I fired up my usual NT5/414 MS combo as a just-in-case, but don’t think we’ll need em.

That was a much nerdier post than I had planned sorry about that.

Anyway – a few (very few) photos.

Fiach Moriarty – bass sessions

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Last week Fiach, producer Simon Quigley, bassist Phil Daly and myself holed up in the Bay for a couple of days to lay down bass tracks for Fiach’s upcoming album. It was the first time using the Apollo for bass so we had some fun using the Pultec EQ, some gentle 1176 compression and some of the different Studer800 tape machine emulations going to tape; we got some really gorgeous sounds that Phil was really able to vibe off, and he brought some beautiful guitars along so we were spoilt for choice. He’s a hell of a player too, most importantly, so that helps! We have spent a *lot* of time crafting the basslines and kick drum patterns to get very subtle but interesting grooves and shifts going on in the songs, and it has really paid off.

Anyway, here are some photos from over on our facebook page..