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Pineto Cats

Guitar action with Christer

Guitar action with Christer

The Pineto Cats were in doing some live recordings/demo’s for a forth coming album. Great fun altogether. Christer seen here rockin’ the Fender Jazzmaster running through Pete’s Mesa Boogie.


Facebook page

We have a facebook page for all you kids that like your books facey; I’ll probably end up using it for the photo side of things, and it will have all communication between us and past clients so you can maybe go look at what they thought of the place… all good I hope 😀

Anyway if you’ve got the inclination head on over and give us an ol’ “like”, you know you want to…

Our stuff on Soundcloud

I’ve been tidying up my soundcloud setup – all the M*O*O*N stuff now has its own dedicated soundcloud account, and I will be putting up snippets of stuff recorded in the studio on my personal soundcloud page so curious folks and/or potential clients can see what we’re capable of…

I’ve left all the M*O*O*N stuff up there too as it was engineered and mixed completely by myself and Spud.

Simon Quigley – Ryan Vs White Star Line

Over the past few months I’ve been recording piano, strings, and the amazing vocals of Martin McCann and soprano Clare Kavanagh for a new contemporary piece by Simon Quigley. The piece is based on a court case taken by Thomas Ryan from Askeaton in Co. Limerick against the White Star Line, the company that ran the titanic. This weekend we are going to visit his surviving relations to discuss the opening performance of the piece, hopefully as part of a documentary to be made about the process of writing, recording, and performing the work.