Monthly Archives: January 2014

2014 baby

So I rounded the year out by almost finishing the recording of the upcoming Fiach album. Three days of intense work, with Fiach himself and Simon Quigley producing. Lots of time spent on “ambient” guitar noises and synth parts, it’s funny how the finishing touches can very often take up quite a lot of time. We reckon we’ve got about another day or two of recording, but the finish line is definitely in sight.

For the guitar stuff I used a Line6 Echo Pro – it is the rack equivalent of the DL-4, I love it because I can control any parameter via MIDI using a MIDI foot controller. by using a digital delay with 100% feedback can build up layers of sound that repeat forever, until I back off the feedback with the pedal talking to the unit. Very nice for unique pad sounds.

We also got Simon doing some sub  bass stuff, using Logic’s ES-1 synth. I love it for its simplicity. I don’t love it though for its ability to blow speakers. Still, that’s rock’n’ roll I suppose… 😀

Up next: 5 Dollar Shakes, Hawklion, and Tell No Foxx. January is looking good!