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Getting our dye on for bass traps

We are going to build 6 600x1200x70mm broadband absorbers that we can hang in either the dead room or the live room, depending on where we need treatment. Since we couldn’t get the colour we wanted though we thought we would try dying some raw cotton. Hope it works and that it doesn’t kill my washing machine :)





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Got our power on over the weekend so we are all lit up! Finishing up the paint work tomorrow and building the desk on Tuesday. That just leaves one pane of glass to be fitted and our patchbay to be wired up, and we’re up and running…

…except for some painting. It never ends, the painting!



We will be using some combination of these pinks, purples and plums with a stencil to create a kind of damasque wall pattern, and the dark blues are for the ceiling…