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Avril Whelehan EP released

Delighted to announce that Avril’s debut EP is up on soundcloud, you can check it out here:

Recorded in Bay, and mixed by myself in Saggart. It was a real pleasure to work with Avril on her music, we put a lot of effort into developing them and adding colour and movement where we could, without being “producery”. My mate Paul Lally played drums on some songs also, so thanks Avril for showing faith in us and letting is tear into it!

Do go have a listen, it’s a thing of beauty with a lot of ideas packed into the 14 or so minutes…


Tell No Foxx “Boulevard”

Very very proud to to be able to point y’all at the first tune from Tell No Foxx’s upcoming EP; the song’s called “Boulevard”, recording work was done on it here in the Bay, mixed at my place in Dublin. They really are an incredibly talented band, it’s great to work with people that know exactly what they want, and are also open to experimentation. There’s such a lovely vibe to the EP, there was a very strong vision for where it should end up and I think we got there. ¬†Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP masters :-)

Anyway here’s the video: