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Free vocal altering plugin from SoundToys

I got given this referral code from the folks over at SoundToys – it’s for their Little AlterBoy plugin, which does some pretty cool things.

It’s only available for the rest of today so get it while it’s hot.

Of course, it also does some exceptionally un-cool things like that Cher megaquantized pitch correction, but you can also use it to do Fever Ray style female-to-male morphing, Kid-A style craziness, and complete melody restructuring of an existing line.

Note that you will need iLok licensing software, and an account on the iLok website, but that stuff is all available for free… as is this plugin. Enjoy :-)


Our new interface from Universal Audio has arrived and I’ve been playing with it. It’s a Universal Audio Apollo Quad – It allows the use of the UAD library of plugins with near zero latency when tracking, so we can get nice “already mixed” sounds for vocalists and instrument performers. It’s really an amazing way to work, very excited to get using it!