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Facebook page

We have a facebook page for all you kids that like your books facey; I’ll probably end up using it for the photo side of things, and it will have all communication between us and past clients so you can maybe go look at what they thought of the place… all good I hope 😀

Anyway if you’ve got the inclination head on over and give us an ol’ “like”, you know you want to…

Solder up

Spent last night unsoldering looms from this switchcraft patchbay, which was a royal pain in the arse. At least we have a clean slate to begin rewiring, and we can do it a step at a time.


Treat me right…

Delighted with the effect of our room treatments, stereo imaging is top notch now, diffusers at the rear of the room (not shown) really cleaning things up too. Couple of bass traps and we are done. New Nick Cave album and some Death Cab for testing purposes :)


Getting our dye on for bass traps

We are going to build 6 600x1200x70mm broadband absorbers that we can hang in either the dead room or the live room, depending on where we need treatment. Since we couldn’t get the colour we wanted though we thought we would try dying some raw cotton. Hope it works and that it doesn’t kill my washing machine :)




New Desk

Here’s our new desk in progress, photo is a few days old as I’ve had a mother of a throat infection that has kept me in bed for a couple of days. Back at her tomorrow to finish the construction.

Eventually there will be two raised angled rack units – one in the centre for the Apollo and the octopre, and one off to the right for the patch bay. Can’t wait to see the finished thing.


April 25, 2013

Just did up a list of remaining tasks – 75 in total. Picked up our Dead Room Wall Lights tonight from my mate Monica who cleaned em up and rehung all the glass parts. They look great. 75 seems daunting given that we want to get in by the end of the month, but it is doable with a bit of luck…


April 12, 2013

So today we started the skirting boards and cleared out the live room. Amazing job done on our 2nd control room door, all set to paint her up. Tomorrow it’s paint time. Ever closer…