Here’s one we made earlier.

North Atlantic Oscillation
Pete has worked on two albums with these guys. The music is dense, the track counts are massive, and the mixes were very challenging. On their debut album Grappling Hooks he recorded everything bar the drums, and he was also the mix engineer.

Spud and Pete co-produced Hybrasil’s “The Monkey Pole”, Pete recorded mixed it, with Spud helping out when the other felt he was losing his mind :-)

The first clients in the door here, the drums were recorded by Pete on location in a cottage outside Gorey, strings were done in a house… in Co. Wexford, guitars and bass in Bay, and vocals in Pete’s place in Dublin.

Major Bullhorn
Spud recorded “Resurrection Day” for the Bullhorn in Beechpark studios, Rathcoole. Analog tape all the way baby :-)