Focusrite Octopre
Eight channels of nice clean focusrite microphone preamps. Perfect when you want the uncoloured sound of the microphone, with no fuss.

SPL Gold Mic
Stereo valve microphone preamp, great for warming up sterile sources and adding high frequency sheen/air to vocals with its ‘flair’ switch. Sounds great when you slam those meters too!

Joemeek Twin-Q
Stereo microphone preamp, with independent EQ and compressor sections per channel. The EQ is quite musical though it doesn’t include a ‘Q’ control on the bands so you can’t get surgical with it; the optical¬†compressor is really great when fast attack times are required – ¬†great fun on kicks drums and snare drums. The preamp also includes an ‘iron’ button that switches from the default IC front end to a real transformer, giving options when you want to darken the sound down.

TLA 5021 Compressor
Stereo valve compressor, very simple to use and very musical. Much more transparent than the Joemeek or the FET/VCA compressor emulations we use when tracking with the Apollo plugins. Hard/Soft knee switch plus all the usual controls, and it also grits up nicely if you drive it.

Outside of those it’s just boring stuff – power conditioner, headphone amp, that sort of thing.