Control Room

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Inspired by the design of Studio 2 in Abbey Road and RTÉ’s Studio 8, our Control Room is raised above ground level allowing on overhead view back into the Live Room. Access to the Control Room is via spiral staircase from the Live Room.

The Control Room has been acoustically treated based on its dimensions, resulting in a very sweet listening environment for accurate tracking and mixing. We also have plenty patch points for audio and MIDI so keyboard players can track in the control room if they so wish.

For monitoring we are using KRK RP6s; we have used KRK monitors for years and know them inside out, so we are able to correctly gauge what is going on with our sources at the tracking and mixing stages.

For guitarists and bassists we have tie-lines from the Control Room to both the Live Room and the Dead Room so the performer can stay upstairs and have their guitar signal sent to the amplifiers downstairs. This allows them to hear the recorded result live as they are playing, which some players prefer.

We  run 6 stereo headphone feeds to the recording rooms (4 in the Live Room, 2 in the Dead Room), with 3 different mixes, as well as 2 feeds in the Control room for guide tracking.

Finally, there’s a nice big 24″ monitor for you to keep an eye on things, and a comfy couch to lounge in as you do so.