Live Room

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Our Live Room is pretty special we feel – it is over 2 storeys high, designed from scratch to be an amazing room to record drum kits and strings in. We have total control over the amount of room sound we get into the mics on the bottom half of the room, and we have to top of the room for all that lovely natural reverb.

We took great care at the design stage to optimise the dimensions of the room to create a very smooth frequency response within the room, avoiding nodal peaks and troughs wherever possible, and the acoustic treatments in the room were carefully designed to smooth out the remaining Low and Low Mid bumps.

There are three windows in the room allowing lots of natural light in, and the Dead Room is separated from the Live Room by a pair of glass sliding doors so artists that want to track simultaneously can do so while retaining line of sight to each other, with complete acoustic isolation.

There are tie-lines from the Control Room for guitars so we can have the performer play in the control room with the guitar signal travelling to the amplifier in the Live Room if they so desire – this can be useful when crafting specific sounds with effects and pedals, or when running the guitar through a computer to use plugins for modelling or unusual effects.

The sound of the room is really gorgeous; we could go on, but you need to hear it really.