Spud Murphy

Spud has been heavily involved in music production/engineering since leaving the Sound Training Centre, Temple Bar, in 2002.

As a multi instrumentalist, Spud has an invaluable understanding of arrangement, harmony and composition , and he applies a hands-on approach when it comes to recording and producing bands.

Album/E.P. Credits:

  • “We Got Music” E.P. [Hybrasil] – engineer, programmer, producer
  • “Bocs Social” [Bocs Social] – engineer, co-producer
  • “Resurrection Day” [Major Bullhorn] – engineer, co-producer
  • “The Monkey Pole” [Hybrasil] – co-producer
  • The Looks – pre production prior to the recording of their first and second singles
  • Hawklion – pre production of their debut E.P.