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Last song with Fiach

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Working on that difficult final track for Fiach’s album tomorrow – once that is done it is time to get mixing this baby, really looking forward to attacking the mixes. I’ve learned a lot from the past couple of months mixing the new North Atlantic Oscillation album, the upcoming Tell No Foxx E.P. and the upcoming Hawklion E.P.; In particular the versatility of the UAD plugins for compression and adding saturation has been a revelation.

This final song has gone through many incarnations, looking forward to finding its proper home!

So – lots of new music coming soon, will set up a sound cloud account so snippets of all this stuff can be heard in advance, so watch this space…

In the meantime, here’s us getting started way back in 2013.

Long time between posts

So yeah I’ve been busy busy busy – over the past two months I’ve had the gals and guy from the HOLIA project in recording, Fiach Moriarty has been back doing guitars, vocals, and the odd vintage synth noise with Spud, and the good folks of Hawkion and Tell No Foxx have been in recording E.P.s; much of this is now approaching completion so expect lots of links to snippets of the finished products…..

2014 baby

So I rounded the year out by almost finishing the recording of the upcoming Fiach album. Three days of intense work, with Fiach himself and Simon Quigley producing. Lots of time spent on “ambient” guitar noises and synth parts, it’s funny how the finishing touches can very often take up quite a lot of time. We reckon we’ve got about another day or two of recording, but the finish line is definitely in sight.

For the guitar stuff I used a Line6 Echo Pro – it is the rack equivalent of the DL-4, I love it because I can control any parameter via MIDI using a MIDI foot controller. by using a digital delay with 100% feedback can build up layers of sound that repeat forever, until I back off the feedback with the pedal talking to the unit. Very nice for unique pad sounds.

We also got Simon doing some sub  bass stuff, using Logic’s ES-1 synth. I love it for its simplicity. I don’t love it though for its ability to blow speakers. Still, that’s rock’n’ roll I suppose… 😀

Up next: 5 Dollar Shakes, Hawklion, and Tell No Foxx. January is looking good!

Fiach Moriarty – bass sessions

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Last week Fiach, producer Simon Quigley, bassist Phil Daly and myself holed up in the Bay for a couple of days to lay down bass tracks for Fiach’s upcoming album. It was the first time using the Apollo for bass so we had some fun using the Pultec EQ, some gentle 1176 compression and some of the different Studer800 tape machine emulations going to tape; we got some really gorgeous sounds that Phil was really able to vibe off, and he brought some beautiful guitars along so we were spoilt for choice. He’s a hell of a player too, most importantly, so that helps! We have spent a *lot* of time crafting the basslines and kick drum patterns to get very subtle but interesting grooves and shifts going on in the songs, and it has really paid off.

Anyway, here are some photos from over on our facebook page..