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Mixing mixing mixing

The last few days I’ve been mixing new music by Ground, some crazy noisy beautiful unpredictable loveliness from Scotland. As well as getting to work with some amazing and interesting material, I also had the opportunity to use Sonar – Cakewalks’ DAW. Bit of a learning curve but it is nice to use (apart from how it handles automation – Logic still unbeaten there).
It comes with compression, EQ and tube saturation as standard for every channel. This would be great for those starting off on the mix engineer path as the controls and parameters are well labeled, you get to try FET and VCA compression flavours (mimicking an 1176 and the master bus of an SSL desk respectively) and three differ EQ ‘flavours’ – all very useful and nice and musical.
Anyway, here is what Sam (from Ground) and I were looking at for the last few days. Note the ironing board.