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Long time between posts

So yeah I’ve been busy busy busy – over the past two months I’ve had the gals and guy from the HOLIA project in recording, Fiach Moriarty has been back doing guitars, vocals, and the odd vintage synth noise with Spud, and the good folks of Hawkion and Tell No Foxx have been in recording E.P.s; much of this is now approaching completion so expect lots of links to snippets of the finished products…..


Great times this weekend recording the Hawklion kids; we are in the process of recording some additional guitar and vocal takes for their upcoming E.P., and we did a rough mix of the tune we are working on to make sure we weren’t losing the plot.

One of the lessons learned was to not use the most expensive gear in the place just because it is there; much of the charm and character of the song was down to the very specific sound Chris had come up with on the guitar, designed to meld with the synth lines in such a way as to make the two parts indistinguishable rom each other.

We also made use of the Imperfect Samples Braunschweig piano, a really amazing instrument made by Matt Stedeford over on http://www.imperfectsamples.com/.

Now on to the mixing :-)